Global Talents

Conference 2020

  • An international, one-of-a-kind conference which connects talents with corporate in an open format

  • Talents are given the opportunities to showcase their skills and strengths directly to their potential customers – which can be corporations/ brands/ media partners etc.

  • Brands and corporate get to meet with their target potential brand ambassadors face to face

One-of-a-kind conference

Connecting talents to the world

Show your talent
Build the network
Increase Job Opportunity
Spot the right talent

For corporate and brands to meet their next ambassador

Connect to target customers
Increase brand value

Global opportunities to tap into over 30+ countries

Targeting over 10,000,000 talents












Networking Opportunities for over 1,000 brands

  • Over 1,000 Corporates and brands are invited to attend to meet with the Talents

  • The conference is a perfect place for brainstorming new marketing ideas and Talents can be presented to the brands for potential job opportunities

  • It is an informal yet effective way to showcase the Talents to various brands in one location and gain more exposure

*Attendees by invitation only

Proposed event details

Date    :   Starting summer of 2020

Time   :   14:00 - late

Place   :   To be hosted in various cities

Details:   Talent showcase


                  E-Sports Exhibition Match

                  Professional Sharing


No. of  attendees:  BY invitation ONLY, around 500-3,000                                                depending on the venue

Proposed cities to cover

Tokyo, Japan
Bangkok, Thailand
Hong Kong, China
Melbourne, Australia
Turin, Italy
           UAE cities

Event invitation clips with talents shout-outs

Co-Host Partner (YEAH) Past Esports Events Summary

Thanks to all our past sponsors!


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